Goals Fitness

Are you ready to achieve your health and fitness goals?


Improve your health and get in great shape with the free Goals Fitness App. You want to lose weight faster with our smart interval trainings or just count the calories you have burnt or the distance you have covered! Start today and track all your fitness activities (distance, time, speed, elevation, calories burned & more) – such as running, jogging, biking, nordic walking and mountain biking!


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Why Goals?

– No annoying ads

– No login, full privacy

– Training plans for running, walking & weight loss

– Create HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training

– Heart rate zone training with Apple Watch

Select your activity

– Running

– Walking

– Cycling

Select your goal

– Training plan with next training notifications

– Custom training (Interval training)

– Distance

– Duration

– Calories

– Steps

During workout

– Audio coaching with voice feedback

– Listen to iTunes playlists

– Listen to Spotify

After workout

– See workout details in summary

– Analyze your training with charts

– Share results or a snap with friends

Control your workout

– Siri, use your voice to start or stop a workout

– Widget, control your workout from the lock screen

– Apple Watch



Apple Watch


– All trainings including training plan and custom trainings can be started

– Get notifications, Start of next interval, workout completed

– See live chart of your heart rate

– Live chart of your speed

– See splits of your pace

– Summary of your performance after workout

Heart rate

– Use your Apple Watch for Heart rate zone training

– Get notifications to keep you in the right zone



Great App, modern design!

Daniel#Sch App User

Great design, easy to use and everything what is needed!

Flo#23 App User

Coole App! Fresh design, with this App running is twice as fun!

Tomkison App User