is your brand new daily fitness tracking app.

“I like to just think of myself as a normal person who just has a passion, has a goal and a dream and goes out and does it.”
Michael Phelps

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One of the most important things when it comes to being successful is setting goals and also reaching them. There’s nothing in the world that puts the focus more on you and your vision than settings goals. That’s the reason, why we came up with the first ever app that’s fully aligned with this mindset and helps you reaching your goals.



Why goals?

First of all, goals is available exclusively on your favorite apple devices – the iPhone and the Apple Watch. Our design is simple and elegant, just like the Apple devices it is running on.


  • No annoying advertising, not like other apps where you get spammed with ads.
  • No login required, in our opinion your personal data shall remain private.
  • Using the latest iOS features like workout control with Siri! Tell Siri – „Start a 1 mile (kilometer) run“ – and enjoy your workout.
  • You can use the Goals widget to see statistics, to start a new or to control an ongoing workout. This also works on the lockscreen, isn´t that convenient?
  • Start your workout on the Apple Watch and track your heart rate.


    If you haven´t downloaded the app already, what are you waiting for? Download the app now, set your goals and crush them!



    On the iPhone

    Setup your workout

    Select your favorite activity, currently supported are running, walking, cycling, nordic walking and mountain biking. Choose your goal to crush, you can select distance, duration, calories, steps, elevation gain or freestyle.

    Select your favorite music, before or during a workout you can decide which iTunes playlist you want to listen during your workout. Sport is always better with some music which push you to your limits.

    During your workout

    Check out your GPS position or your track you have run in the 3D map. Get voice feedback about your workout progress at customizable time or distance intervals. You can also select the workout parameters you want to have voice feedback.

    After your workout

    Analyze your sport activities. Find out how to improve your performance even further. Evaluate your training progress. Look at the monthly summary of your activities and achievements. If you don´t want to open the app you can find also the latest goals on the widget.

    Write notes or take a picture with your friend after the workout to keep this moment forever.

    Additional features

    Stay connected and share your fitness results, setting goals comes hand in hand with motivation others. Be the one who motivates the crowd.

    Adjust settings and edit your profile to make it your personal training and workout app.

    There are many more features waiting for you to be checked out in the app.



    On the Apple Watch

    You spontaneously decide to go out for a walk. Tie up your show lace, grab your iPhone and let´s go for a workout with the Apple Watch.

    The Goals Watch App allows you to remote control your workout on the iPhone. Therefore you can select your favorite activity and goal to crush. If you don´t make any activity or goal changes, then your last workout is started with 1 tap on the Start Button. During the workout the performance data including the heart rate is displayed.



    Support of latest iOS Features

    Use Siri to control your workout

    Siri is your personal assistant on your iPhone. You’ll be able to control your fitness activities with Siri: “Hello Siri, start a 10 minutes walk with Goals-Fitness!” starts your requested workout on the Goals App. If you want to pause, stop or resume it, just tell Siri.

    Goals Widget

    Any clue how many goals you have crushed this month, how many hours you have run with your Goals App. The Goals widget can answer your questions. You don’t even have to unlock your phone anymore.

    Another nice feature of the Goals Widget is the workout control. You don’t have to open your Goals App on your own, just start and control your workout from the Goals Widget and see the progress of your currently ongoing workout – give it a try, it´s so convenient!



    Great App, modern design!

    Daniel#Sch App User

    Great design, easy to use and everything what is needed!

    Flo#23 App User

    Coole App! Fresh design, with this App running is twice as fun!

    Tomkison App User